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Dental Crowns in Ocoee, FL

Many people simply learn to live with missing and unhealthy teeth, but this will only cause bigger problems in time. The pain and discomfort caused by missing and unhealthy teeth often forces people to eat softer, less nutritious foods, and sometimes to avoid eating altogether. This leads to malnutrition, which leads to a host of other health problems, including more tooth decay. When it’s time to add strength back to your teeth, choose dental crowns. In Ocoee, FL, All Smiles Dental is the leading resources for long-lasting crowns.

Dental crowns and bridges are appliances that restore damaged or missing teeth. These fixed, permanent restorations are bonded to the tooth or attached to a dental implant. Ocoee dentist, Dr. McCoy, offer beautiful, high-quality crowns and bridges to restore your mouth’s function and appearance.

Affordable, Dependable, Realistic Crowns From a Highly-Respected Ocoee Dentist!

In the last decade all-ceramic crowns or metal free crowns have grown in popularity.  These crowns contain no metal or grayness in their substructure giving them a very lifelike appearance.

What are the advantages of all-porcelain crowns?

  • A natural, life-like appearance
  • Luminescent color layering
  • Added strength and protection
  • A metal-free restorative solution
  • A safe, biocompatible alternative to renew your smile

The Purpose of Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or more teeth? If so, then tooth replacement should be next on your list of dental work. Failing to replace missing teeth leads to a number of negative consequences. From bone loss to gum infection, and even overall bite shifting, fixing this issue in a timely manner can be incredibly important.

A dental bridge (also called a fixed partial denture) is a fixed appliance that fills gaps left by missing teeth. The standard bridge has two components: two crowns capped over teeth on either side of the space (abutment teeth) and another crown in the middle (pontic). Sometimes, the abutment teeth are placed only on one side of the gap. The device features one or more artificial teeth, restoring the natural shape and structure of your smile.

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If it’s time for you to make tooth restoration a priority, now is the time to set up a free consultation with our experienced dentist. You can count on us to address any questions or concerns you have regarding the benefits of the dental crowns and dental bridges offered at our location.

Restore your dental health and comfort with dental crowns from Dr. Mark Mccoy.  Contact us today and we’ll address any questions or concerns you have.  We proudly serve residents of Ocoee, Winter Garden, Orlovista, Gotha, Tildenville, Oakland, Apopka, Hiawassee, Paradise Heights, Clermont, Minneola, Groveland, Montverde, Zellwood, Pine Hills and Orlando, Florida.

Root Canals in Ocoee, FL

A tooth that has become so severely decayed that the soft pulp at the center is infected can still be saved with a root canal from All Smiles Dental. For this dental procedure, we will remove the infected material from the center of your tooth. We will then treat the remaining tooth with antibacterials to ensure the infection does not return or spread. The hollowed root canals will be filled with a bacteria-resistant resin to further protect the health of your tooth. The top of your tooth will be replaced with a dental crown to restore full function to the once weakened tooth.