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Affordable, Painless Oral Surgery in Ocoee, FL | All Smiles Dental

Affordable, Painless Oral Surgery in Ocoee, FL

If typical treatment fails to restore the health of your smile, it is time to consider an alternative solution. For some patients, tooth extractions are required for them to receive the results they desire. At All Smiles Dental, we are proud to perform oral surgery in Ocoee, FL. The surgical procedures we offer are only suggested when less invasive treatment proves ineffective.

Bone Grafting in Ocoee, FL

Sometimes tooth replacement with dental implants is not a viable solution because of bone loss in the jaw. Deterioration of the jawbone is an unfortunate side effect of tooth loss, and while dental implants are an excellent form of tooth replacement, the implant has to have enough bone to be placed in and bond to.

If you are suffering from low jawbone density but would like the stability dental implants offer, there is a solution for you.  At All Smiles Dental, we offer bone grafting surgery to rebuild the bone density in your jaw so that you have enough to anchor implants.

Tooth / Teeth Removal in Ocoee, FL

If a tooth becomes injured or decayed to the point that it cannot be saved with a root canal or dental crown, the extraction may be the only option left to protect the health of your mouth and teeth. If an unhealthy tooth is not removed, it can spread infection and bacteria throughout your body, creating any number of systemic health issues.

The experts at All Smiles Dental can remove your teeth in a stress-free and virtually painless manner. And as you recover, you can also be deciding on what type of tooth replacement is best for you.